Colorful Thai Dance at East-West Center Gallery Sunday

MANOA (KHNL) - An aurally exciting and extraordinarily colorful visual experience awaits East-West Gallery goers Sunday, April 1. Rose Sutrabutra will present a demonstration performance of culturally rich Thai classical dance from 2 to 3 p.m. in the Gallery on the East-West Center campus (first floor, John A. Burns Hall, 1601 East West Road at the corner of Dole Street).

Sutrabutra, who has been dancing since elementary school in Bangkok, will explain and perform examples of such traditional works as the Manohra dance (the fabled story of love between a mythical half-bird half-human being and the earthly Prince Suthon) and the ancient Lop Buri dance (originated during the Lop Buri period in central Thailand in the 11th to 14th centuries). She will also perform a portion of one of the old Thai court dances.

Sunday's presentation is part of the Gallery's ongoing exhibit SALA: Gem of Thai Architecture that runs through May 23. Admission to the exhibition and its special presentations is free.

For further information on Sunday's event and the exhibition please contact Dr. Michael Schuster, Gallery curator, at (808) 944-7543 or via email at To arrange media coverage please contact John Lewis at (808) 944-7204 or via email at