HPD Drug Bust at Senior Center

David Andrade
David Andrade

HALEIWA (KHNL) - Some residents of the North Shore of Oahu received a surprising wake-up call.

Honolulu Police make an early morning drug bust at the Haleiwa Senior Citizen Housing Center.

"I just heard a bunch of bang noise and '114, 114' then I heard a big, trashing sound," said David Andrade, resident.

Members of the narcotics/vice division entered a ground floor unit after receiving numerous complaints of drug deals happening there.

"So we were able to utilize an undercover officer to make some drug transactions in the apartment," said Lt. David Passmore.

They found crystal meth and marijuana in the unit. They arrested 59-year-old Harry Bernier, who had been living there for about 4 years. Neighbors say people would go in and out of his apartment at all hours of the day.

"Lot of people knew what he was doing but can't prove it," said Andrade.

HPD also arrested another man just down the street from the complex, 32-year-old Mitchell Enaena. They won't say how he's linked to the investigation, but said he was carrying drugs. People who live here said they're relieved.

"If it wasn't so early in the morning, I would've went out and celebrated," said Richard Husted, resident manager.

"I'm glad they catch them kind of guys. We can do without them, you know?" asked Andrade.

The men face a total of 17 drug charges.