Marines Rush To Local Tattoo Parlors

Allen Evans
Allen Evans
Aaron Spasich
Aaron Spasich

HONOLULU (KHNL)- There's a rush to get tattoos at local parlors because of a new strict policy for U.S. Marines that bans certain tattoos.

At Odyssey Tattoo in Kailua, it's a race to get "inked".

"I have another kid coming in tomorrow," says tattoo artist Aaron Spasich.

Starting this Sunday, U.S. Marines will not be allowed to get large tattoos on the forearm and below the knee.

"Some jobs have regulations that you can't show visible tattoos," says Spasich.

The U.S. Marine Corps says the body art doesn't fit its "spit-and-polish image".

"I don't really agree with the regulation," says U.S. Marine Allen Evans.

Evans is one of the many rushing to get a tattoo.

"For me, the way I think of it, it is my body. I am the one who has to live with it on me, so therefore, I am going to do what I want with my body," says Evans.

He shows us a tattoo on his back and says it's a right since marines sacrifice their lives in war.

"We lost a bunch of people and it was a significant battle. It is something that I felt for all the people we lost, it is just a way to honor them," Evans says.

He says it is a statement that runs skin deep.

"Who's to say if I get a tattoo on my forearm that I am not going to be successful in the Marine Corps? Because I got a tattoo? I don't agree with it."

Marines already tattooed are exempt from the ban.

Those caught in violation of the new policy, starting Sunday, could be barred from re-enlistment or face disciplinary action.