Drift Racing Approved at Aloha Stadium

Gary Sasamura
Gary Sasamura

HONOLULU (KHNL) - It's official. The sport of drift racing is here to stay in Hawaii, at least until the end of the year

It was met with resistance, but in the end, the sport of drifting pulled through. Stadium board members decided to green light four drifting events at Aloha Stadium.

"Right now there is no alternative, for any type of racing over here on Oahu, and that's the only thing we have right now is the stadium and they have been graceful enough to allow us to use the facility," said Tracy Arakaki, Drifting Organizer.

The main issue was the noise and time of day of the drifting. Events will now be finished by 5p.m.

Despite the adjustments, some residents might find it as annoying as scratching a chalk board.

"Once in a while it's like irritating, but if you keep on scratching it gets really irritating, therefore you get really annoyed from it, said Steven Antonio, Drifting Opponent.

While some residents are disturbed by the noise from stadium events like fairs, concerts, and football games, others say noise from drifting won't affect their daily lives.

"It doesn't really bother us the noise from the freeway alone you know it drowns out most of the other noise the drifting competitions will cause." Said Gary Sasamura of Aiea.

The approval was a crucial but temporary victory. There are no plans to make Aloha Stadium a permanent venue for drifting.

The legislature is currently working to come up with a permanent site for drift racers.