AARP Eases Hawaii's Tax "Burden"

George Miyashiro
George Miyashiro
Sandra Marino
Sandra Marino

HONOLULU (KHNL) - The fee you pay someone to prepare your taxes, is actually tax deductible, itself.

But, what if you can't even afford to pay someone to do your taxes and you can't do them yourself.

Free help is available, as we learn in this week's "Random Act of Kindness."

Yes, it's that time of year.

Tax "procrastinators" are making their mad dash to the nearest tax service.

But, not everyone has the money to pay for that kind of assistance.

Enter AARP.

Each year, the American Association of Retired Persons offers free help to low- and middle-income taxpayers.

Filling out an income tax form is far from simple.

But, volunteer George Miyashiro says, his mission sure is.

''I just help them with their taxes and whatever credit they can get, give it to them," says Miyashiro.

And those who benefit are appreciative.

"I'm grateful that they give their time and energy to the public and they're good and I appreciate that I can come in here and no matter if they go overtime," says North Shore resident Sandra Marino. "They're going to stay and help you."

AARP volunteers set up shop at more than 70 locations across the state.

Miyashiro says, he's more than happy to do it. "What I get out of this is it's working my mind. I'm getting old. So, to keep it from deteriorating, I have to sharpen up my mind."

Sharp mind.

Soft heart.