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March 28, 2007

Blue Eyes Are Watching

The Honolulu Police Department has requested funds to pay for a new unit to help police the police.  After a number of internal drug and gambling cases, HPD is looking to establish a unit modeled in part after a similar group that now exists in Los Angeles.  This new quality assurance detail would fall in as part of the already existing internal affairs division.

A question that has popped up is why the need for more people if HPD internal affairs already has people whose job it is to keep an eye on procedures, policies, paperwork, and towing the line.  Well, one has to assume that the police chief and his managers know what needs the department has, and that's why they are in charge.  And if this unit provides more feedback, more guidance, and can help make sure that no one steps over the line, then these preventive efforts will certainly be more cost effective than dealing with criminal charges, morale issues, and public skepticism when people who are expected to be good do bad.

Officers of the law need to be accountable, that's an obvious one.  If a special unit helps to make sure that they are constantly accountable and responsible for their own actions before something slips, this unit will certainly be worth the extra costs.  Think About It...
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