Some Homeless Staying Put

Brennen Balancio
Brennen Balancio
Marlene Anduha
Marlene Anduha

Maili Beach Park (KHNL) - Tuesday morning, Honolulu Police will clear Maili Beach Park of homeless people and illegal campers.

But not all of the homeless living there are prepared to move out.

The evening before the eviction, Maili beach park is still littered with tents.

But many of these tents are now empty.

Tuesday's deadline to leave has left some campsites deserted.

But piles of garbage and unwanted items remain,

along with dozens who refuse to leave for various reasons.

Some won't go to the nearby shelter and leave their pets behind.

Others don't want to leave all their belongings behind.

And some who call the beach home, feel the beach clean up and eviction is just not right.

Like the many tents on the beach, there are many reasons why some of Hawaii's homeless will be staying out of the Waianae shelter which has been set up just for them.

"One reason is probably embarrassment and another is others don't want to be living together with others in the same place, it could get frustrating." says Homeless Waianae Resident, Brennen Balancio.

"Its good for some people but not everybody, I'm not going to be taking orders from anybody, I love it, living on the beach." adds Homeless Resident, Marlene Anduha.

Marlene will be staying at the beach when police move in, she says she will be arrested rather than move on from what she calls "her" land as a Native Hawaiian.

Others who are staying there Monday night, say they will just move on to another location and remain there, until police sweep thru the next gathering place for Oahu's homeless.