Catamaran Operators Say Safety Remains Priority

David Flood
David Flood

WAIKIKI (KHNL) - Catamaran operators say Sunday's accident near Maui makes them even more aware of boat safety.

They say keeping passengers safe continues to be their top priority.

The crew of the Outrigger Catamaran sets sail almost every day, and perform safety checks before they do.

On this day, they work on replacing the forward beam of the boat and upgrading the engine.

"We're very concerned about our safety," said David Flood, operating manager.

Safety checks are part of their daily routine. They keep track of everything in a maintenance log, including what they've done to their 45-foot catamaran and what else is needed.

"Any kind of area of concern in an actual sail. The rigging, the cars of the track, especially the mast," said Flood.

The crew inspects the mast once a week. If they see any cracks on it, they'll take it down and repair it immediately.

Flood says this latest catamaran incident reminds everyone of the importance of safety. But we also talked to some tourists in Waikiki, who say this reminds them of the potential dangers of sailing.

"I guess it would be a little disconcerning," said a tourist from Oregon.

But the boat operators we talked to believe what happened on Sunday was an isolated incident. They'd like to remind the public what they do to ensure passenger safety. They believe having a good crew, good captains and regular maintenance checks are what's needed. They say they're well aware of how many passengers rely on the for a safe and smooth sail.