Home, Sweet Home

Here's a great concept for a Hollywood movie.  A billionaire uses his real estate properties in a nice section of town to provide housing and opportunity for low income families.  Aaah, but it's not a movie, it's reality, and it's taking place right now in Kahala, courtesy of Genshiro Kawamoto, who apparently read through thousands of letters of request before choosing the initial occupants.

Meanwhile, some anxious neighbors are questioning this apparent act of benevolence and taking a "wait and see" attitude at best, noting some landscaping concerns at other Kawamoto-owned residences.  Again, if this was a movie, it would be fascinating to see how a scriptwriter would evolve the relationships and track the future generation of kids growing up in this effort.

Altruism in the form of sincere efforts to better people's plights should be a wonderful thing to behold.  This whole tale almost seems too good to be true, especially for those fortunate enough to be chosen as renters- happy people who are incredulous at this project, dubbed the Kahala Avenue mission.  Again, this is reality, right here, right now, and like any feel-good Hollywood story, we all want to see a happy ending; now that would make for a great movie down the road.  Think About It...