Police Say Father Put Out Fire Started By Son

KAIMUKI (KHNL) - A man springs into action after police say his son tried to burn the house down with people inside. Fortunately, the man quickly put the fire out, preventing major damage to the home, and injuries to anyone.

Police arrested his 20-year old son, who now faces first degree arson charges. The suspect is identified as Thomas Benevedes. Charge against him are pending further investigation in this case.

It happened at this home in Kaimuki Saturday afternoon. Police say Benevedes set fire to a mattress inside the house, while his stepmother and stepbrother were still inside. There is no visible damage to the home from the outside. Firefighters were not called to the scene.

Again, the suspect's father put out the fire quickly. Neighbors say an older couple lives at the home, but they rent out parts of it. The neighbors also say several police officers were at the home Saturday, for this incident, as well as the day before.

Benevedes has not been charged at this time. First degree arson is a class-a felony, with a maximum 20-years in prison.