Police: Botched Robbery Led to Deadly Shooting

Momi Peters
Momi Peters
Lt. Bill Kato
Lt. Bill Kato

WAIANAE (KHNL) - Shocked neighbors speak out after a deadly shooting. Was it self-defense or something more sinister? Honolulu police are investigating a fatal shooting that took place early Saturday morning in Waianae.

Police say a pair of men attempted to invade a home when one of them became the victim. Momi Peters was in the kitchen of her Maiuu street home this morning when she heard the sounds of gunfire.

"They had their shirts up on their mouth. She said they kicked the door in. And they just started firing shots."

Police were called at about 6:30 AM after receiving a call about a fight. Responding officers found a man with a gunshot wound to the chest. The victim was rushed to the Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center where he was pronounced dead.

Neighbors say at least two people tried to break into the home in an apparent botched robbery attempt, when the shots rang out.

"We're going to get a search warrant to allow us to go into the home to further investigate, so we don't know what the inside of the house looks like. We don't know if there's weapons in the home or what" said Lt. Bill Kato of  HPD.

"It's unusual, because we don't normally hear something like that over here. But not too long ago, the guy's house got robbed" said Peters.

Police say they found a bunch of roosters in the backyard of the house and are investigating a possible cockfighting incident that went wrong.

Peters went on to say "It's the kind of stuff you would see in the movies or in the news. You never think it would happen in your own neighborhood. But now it's kind of scary."

Police arrested 55-year old Keith Kuraoka for second-degree murder. Charges are pending. The identity of the victim has not been confirmed. Police are looking for a silver colored four-door sedan and a black vehicle as a possible getaway car.