Bottle Bomb Explodes In Mililani

Officer Rick Weitzel
Officer Rick Weitzel

(KHNL) - Honolulu Police are investigating an explosion Friday night at the Mililani Towne Center. Investigators say it may be linked to other explosive devices.

Last night investigators say someone filled a water bottle with household chemicals and tin foil then rolled it into a busy parking lot. No one was injured but the explosion damaged two cars.

Things are back to normal today at the Mililani Towne Center but this parking lot was a crime scene last night.

Police are trying to piece together more about the so-called "bottle bomb" and who may have set it off.

Officer Rick Weitzel was first on scene, "When I arrived you could smell the caustic odor in the air so we contained the area and got all the people out."

Witnesses say the explosion sounded like an M-80 firecracker.

Besides the noise, it released a noxious chemical odor.

The chemicals caused the paint on the cars to bubble.

Fire officials believe it's an acid-based substance and responders used baking soda to contain it.

Police are concerned because this is the second time these bottle bombs have exploded. Students at the University of Hawaii at Manoa reported several devices outside a dormitory March 12th.

A popular website shows teens exploding bottle bombs.

This video from you tube shows a suspect actually mixing the chemicals for one of these home made explosives. Unfortunately the recipe for these simple devices is easily available. They are made with a common household cleaner and tin foil. Now bomb makers are posting their explosions on you tube. We even found Hawaii teens uploaded on the site! Police warn this is a crime, and caution: it's all fun until someone gets hurt.