Real Simple Magazine National Casting Search

NEW YORK (KHNL) - Hawaii women, if you would like to be featured in a magazine article in "Real Simple", here's your chance! The following is from casting director Claudia Bloom:

I'm looking for women who keep notebooks on specific topics/ideas/interests (but not journals/diaries). The notebooks should be creative, inspirational and/or fun.

Examples might be.....
* A woman who keeps track of all the funny things her kids say in a notebook.
* A woman who keeps a 'book of goals' with her best friend and they update it
* A woman who keeps a travel notebook - where she stayed, where she ate, what
she bought, and her thoughts while there.
* A single woman who tracks of all the men she's dated, and how they rank.
* A new word notebook.

If you keep a notebook that's important to you, please send along this info to be
considered for this April interview and photo shoot:

*A description of the notebook you keep, how long you> '> ve been keeping it,
and why. (Please provide at least a paragraph's worth of detail.) (Note: If
selected, we'd need to photograph a page of the book.)
*Contact #'s and email
*Marital status, if kids', ages
*A JPEG photo of you and one of an inside page of your notebook.

And thanks for fowarding to notebook keeper friends!

Claudia Bloom
REAL SIMPLE, casting

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