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Copper Thieves Hit Home Two Times

Steve Perry Steve Perry
Kainoa Hammond Kainoa Hammond
Thieves removed  boards to access the crawlspace Thieves removed boards to access the crawlspace

By: Beth Hillyer

(KHNL) - Now we know even homes aren't safe. There is valuable copper plumbing in your house and thieves will do anything to get it. Just ask Steve Perry. His house has been hit twice.

Kainoa Hammond and his family were looking forward to the first night in the home they rent from Steve Perry.

Hammond explains, "I just moved in, he gave me the keys. I was here for 45 minutes and tested the water. I went to storage, came back and I caught a lady downstairs cutting copper plumbing trying to crawl through this area down here."

This is where she broke in. And it's not the first time. Property Manager Steve Perry says, "A few weeks ago some batu bandits came in off the beach and cut all the copper plumbing out of this house here and the wiring. They came back after we hired a licensed contractor to re-plum the house they came back and caught individuals in the act doing it for a second time."

Perry just had the copper replaced. "Ten thousand dollars. They ruined the water heater, cut all the plumbing right up to the edge of the water heater."

Hammond adds, "I can't bathe my kids, it sucks, I just rented the place today."

Luckily Kainoa's dad is handy with plumbing. And Steve Perry is happy to have the renters moved in so the copper thieves will think twice before hitting this house for a third time.

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