Spring Breakers Overflow Airport Parking

Ron Dormido
Ron Dormido

HONOLULU (KHNL) - The spring break holiday travel season is in full swing and that means parking pains here at the airport.

Larger crowds can sometimes lead to frustrated travelers.

"You're trying to start your spring break you know, you're looking forward to it, then all of a sudden, you get all the frustrations of having to deal with the parking situation, then all the waiting in lines that you have to deal with travel," said traveler Ron Dormido.

The State Department of Transportation says the best alternative is to get a ride; others have their own creative solutions.

"Instead of parking my car here, for the trip, I had my brother drop it off and drop us off at the airport, and then he dropped off the car so we could pick it up, just because we were expecting it to be a hassle for parking," said Ron Dormido.

Some are aware of the problem and plan ahead, for others; the experience can be very stressful.

I feel bad for the people who have to deal with it for the first time; they just drive around for like a half-hour, trying to look for parking in all these garages, it's a headache trying to get to your flight on time," said traveler Christopher Bonilla.

To avoid those headaches, travelers are advised to add an additional 45 minutes to their airport arrival times in addition to the recommended two-hour pre-flight arrival time.

Overflow parking will be available at the former United Cargo lot on A'olele Street,

but if you're in a rush to catch your flight and you have a little extra cash, Valet parking is also another option.