Kaneohe Marines Return from War

KANEOHE (KHNL) - There was a hero's welcome at Marine Corps Base Hawaii at Kaneohe Wednesday night.

After a flight from Iraq that lasted several days, ecstatic marines and sailors were greeted with a lot of aloha.

Hundreds of Kaneohe marines are home after a 7-month deployment to Iraq.

There were hugs and kisses. A happy homecoming.

Corporal T.J. Brown says, "feels great, been waiting for this day the entire deployment, feels great."

Brown's mom had some nervous moments until she could actually hold her son in her arms.

He sums up the experience, "hot, cold, different, real good for young people to have the chance to make a difference so they can actually say they did something with their lives."

Now Corporal Brown is looking forward to some down time.

I'm just happy to be home."

The homecoming made one marine a little nervous. Sergeant Mark Wilson Viloria explains, "I was looking for my wife and daughter and at first I couldn't find them".

He sums up his tour, "We are trying to keep the bad guys in their country and prevent them from coming to our county and making another 9-11 and I hope you all can see that."

And for many marine's it's all about happy reunions. Captain Seth Gibson says, "It makes having to leave worth it. It's an awesome feeling".