Raising Awareness About the Hungry

Marlena Willette
Marlena Willette

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Mayor Mufi Hannemann reminded Hawaii that "Kupuna" are very important, in the "Land of Aloha." He spoke at a rally to raise awareness about hunger, and senior citizens.

Active living is what this group of seniors is all about. But, they say not everyone is so fortunate.

"So many of them are disabled and they're in their homes, so they need meals to be delivered to their homes on a regular basis, said Florence Guitierrez.

More than 300 marched the streets of Downtown Honolulu because, for some homebound seniors, a "hot plate" from Hawaii Meals on Wheels, is their only meal.

"There are many people who are starving. The homeless situation is so in the limelight all the time, but there's not enough attention given to the many seniors who, sometimes for cultural reasons are too proud to admit they need help, said Florence Pang-Prescott."

Local "Meals on Wheels" programs usually have about 150 seniors on their waiting list, right now more than 300 are waiting.

"It's heartbreaking to have a senior call us who needs assistance, and we don't have the funding, so we need to put them on a waiting list, said Marlena Willette."

Hawaii Meals on Wheels says a lack of funding, and volunteers are the problem. They hope today's march will encourage more people to get involved.