Free Government Help For Shopping

Flip Kuchler
Flip Kuchler
Aaron Oya
Aaron Oya
Rich Spencer
Rich Spencer

HONOLULU (KHNL) - For many, their computers have also turned into their own private portals to shopping and selling. It is big business and one government agency wants to cash in on the eBay bonanza.

It seems everyone, whether old or young, is on eBay. "There are 200-million registered buyers on eBay, it's the whole world." says Flip Kuchler, a Mililani Ebay entrepreneur.

And there's plenty of those buyers in Hawaii.

"Actually I've bought a lot. Now I want to start selling more." says Marilyn Inouye, a Mililani resident.

Its not just your friends and neighbors looking to cash in on this internet craze of buying and selling. The Postal Service is also crazy about eBay. That's right, the Postal Service!

"When someone starts an eBay business, they're actually starting a shipping business so it makes sense for us to help these individuals become expert shippers or help them with the shipping process." says Postal Service instructor, Aaron Oya.

There are even offer free classes to get would-be entrepreneurs going at the Post Office.

Rich Spencer is in one of these classese, because his train collection has derailed on line.

"I tried several times to sell things and I got zero looks, zero bids and I still have the items." says the Waianae resident.

But knowing his way around eBay, he feels will help get his toy trains on track.

And according to the Postal Service, which works with hundreds of others as they ship their eBay items, the dream of sharing in the eBay bonanza is a real possibility.

"If they take this as a very serious business they can make money, there are over 750 people in hawaii that do this full time." states Oya.

The Postal Service class has turned out to be so popular, Windward Community College will be offering it as a non-credit course over the summer.