Peking Duck Consome with Foie Gras and Truffle Ravioli

Chinese Roast Duck Consomé with Foie Gras and Truffle Ravioli

Yields: Four 6 oz. portions consome / 3 raviolis / ½ oz. chips

24 oz. Duck Consome
12 ea. Foie Gras and Truffle Ravioli
2 oz. Mire Poix Chips (vegetable chips)
1 Tbsp Chives, chopped
1 Tbsp Chili Oil

Using a large warm soup plate, place 3 ravioli per plate in center of dish.  Garnish with vegetable chips, chives and chili oil.  Serve consome table side from a tea pot or soup terrine.

Peking Duck Consome

Yields:  1 gallon

4 ea. Chinese Roast Duck carcasses, roasted
8 oz. Onion, rough chopped
4 oz. Carrot, rough chopped
4 oz. Celery
2 oz. Ginger, peeled and smashed
3 oz. Garlic, smashed
3 oz. Green Onion whites
4 oz. Chinese Parsley
1 oz. Orange Peel, dried
4 ea. Star Anise
1 sprig Thyme, fresh
1 ea. Bay Leaf
3 ea. Cloves
1 tsp. White Peppercorns, whole
1 ea. Orange, meat only
1 ea. Red Jalapeno, whole
3 oz. Lemon Grass stalks, smashed
2 ea. Kaffir Lime leaf
1 gal. Water, cold

Place all ingredients except the Chinese parsley into a large stock pot and bring to a boil and simmer for 1 hour.  Be sure to remove the fat and scum from the top to prevent clouding.  After an hour of simmering, add the Chinese parsley and simmer 10 minutes and strain through fine chinoise.

Foie Gras & Truffle Ravioli

Yields:  12 ravioli

1 ea. Chinese Roast Duck, deboned, skinned and roasted in oven until crispy (dice meat)
4 oz. Foie Gras, sautéed and diced finely
2 oz. Green Onion, finely cut
1 oz.  Chinese Parsley leaves, chopped
¼ oz. Red Jalapeno, finely chopped
2 oz. Shiitake Mushrooms, finely chopped and sautéed
1 Tbsp. Truffles, finely chopped
Truffle Oil to taste
Kosher Salt to taste
White Pepper to taste, finely ground
4 oz. Chicken Mousse
24 ea. Won Ton wrappers
1 ea. Egg for egg wash

Combine all ingredients together and gently fold into the chicken mousse.  Place approximately 1 ounce of the filling per won ton sheet.  Egg wash the edges and place a sprig of Chinese parsley on top of filling and cover filling with another wrapper and seal and trim edges.  Using a large pot with boiling salted water, cook won tons until tender to the bite.  If not serving right away, place in cold water to stop the cooking and reheat as needed.

Mire Poix Chips

Yields: 4 portions

2 oz. Carrots, shaved length wise
2 oz. Celery, shaved length wise
2 oz. Onions, thinly sliced length wise
2 oz. Lotus Root, thinly sliced
2 cups Sugar Water
3 cups Oil for deep frying

In a pot, bring the sugar water to a boil and blanch the different vegetables one at a time, each 2 to 3 minutes.  Place on an absorbent paper to allow to air cool.  Deep fry until crispy.  Place on absorbent paper and season lightly with salt and fresh ground white pepper.  Keep in a warm, dry area to keep crisp.