Concerned Pet Owners Flooding Veterinarians with Calls

Dr. Beth Kingery
Dr. Beth Kingery
Kristen Lewis
Kristen Lewis

HONOLULU (KHNL) - The massive pet food recall is causing a panic for Hawaii pet owners.

The food is off store shelves, but it may still be in people's homes. And many are bombarding veterinarian offices with calls, worried about what to do and if their dog or cat is going to be okay.

"People are very concerned about their pets," said Dr. Beth Kingery, a vet at Waipahu Animal Clinic.

One of them is Kristen Lewis, who asked the vet questions about the recall during a stop off for shampoo.

Lewis gave her dog Darla some gravy made by Iams, one of the companies involved in the massive recall.

"I freaked out because my little dog, she's my life," said Lewis.

And she's not the only one.

"Lot of them did call in, questioning what they should do, what signs they should look for," said Kingery.

The phone calls at the clinic are finally slowing down, after going non-stop from concerned pet owners.

And vets say that's fine.

"We're here to educate, so if people are concerned, if they wanna bring their pet in, we can run some tests for them, just to help them feel better," said Kingery.

If you have concerns about your food, vets say the best advice is to take down the lot or serial numbers, call the company, and get rid of it.

"It's a lot cheaper just to throw that food away, than to end up with a sick pet," said Kingery.

"I'd be in tears," said Lewis, if Darla got sick. "I don't know what i would do if my dog died."

Thankfully, Darla's fine. and she can go on her merry way.

So far, vets we spoke to say they have not seen any pets sicked by the tainted food.