Federal Officials Fear More Pet Deaths

Pat Mcpherson
Pat Mcpherson

HONOLULU (KHNL) - The Food and Drug Administration announces tonight more pet deaths are expected as a result of tainted pet food.

Sadly a second Hawaii family says their pet died after eating dog food on the recall list.

They sent us an e-mail saying their dog, "Sachi" died March 8th from kidney failure. Now they realize they fed the dog food pouches that are on the recall list.

Luckily another family caught the symptoms in time. Bobbie, a Shitzu is back to normal. He runs and retrieves his favorite toy.

But lately he just hadn't been himself. Owner Pat Mcpherson explains, "In the last two weeks he's a been having some, well he doesn't throw up, dry heaves and had a bout of diarrhea."

The McPhersons were concerned when they saw the news about pet food being pulled from store shelves.

His owners checked the recall list, "Usually we feed him Pedigree but we got some Priority at the store, Safeway and it's one of the foods listed as being contaminated."

They quickly called their veterinarian. He said younger, healthy dogs have not had a real problem but older dogs, that have been sick are more susceptible to renal failure.

Still his owners aren't taking any chances. Bobbie is going to the Veterinarian's office Tuesday just to make sure he's completely recovered.

Tonight we know more about what led to the recalls. The F-D-A says Menu Foods, a company that manufactures pet food, first learned a cat died one month ago.

After that they tested pets and as many as ten died after eating the food. That prompted the recalls.

The company lists all 90 brands affected on its website and they also have a hotline. But here's what happens when you call the number. A busy signal. Obviously they're getting a lot of calls from concerned pet owners.