Protestors March Against Turtle Bay Project

Kala Alexander
Kala Alexander
Vicky Takamine
Vicky Takamine

NORTH SHORE (KHNL) - A deal for the state to buy half of the complex could be done by the end of the month. A fight that's been going on for decades: the battle over a big development project on Oahu's North Shore.  For many who marched in protest Saturday, the fight is not only for them, but their ancestors as well.

Hundreds of protestor move forward, so a planned expansion of the Turtle Bay Resort does not.  Protestors say they don't need any more hotels.

There have been many concerns raised by Turtle Bay's plans for additional hotels and a condominium on the North Shore's rural landscape.  Some are worried about traffic on the roads, and increases on water and sewer systems thousands of additional rooms would add. Others are upset the current plans were approved decades ago.

"The environmental impact survey from 20 years ago has no bearing on what is going on today, 20 years a lot changes," said resident Kala Alexander.

These protestors are also worried about what new projects could dig up, the bones of ancestors.

"We've always known there were burials on this site, the sand dunes are typical for ancient Hawaiian burials, " said activist Vicky Takamine.

And on the North Shore sands, these protestors make their point, through speeches, song and dance.

Takamine adds, "It's about aina, it's about our community and what we think is best for our Hawaiian islands."

While the planned expansion could also add thousands of jobs for many North Shore residents, many of these protestors want a halt to Hawaii development.

"Enough already, we need to stop it and save something for the people who live and love Hawaii and don't want to see it turned into mainland America," said protestor Karen Gallaher.

There is a Bill being heard at the State Capitol that would require stricter regulations for the Turtle Bay Project and could also affect others in the future;  by requiring buildings to be set back further from the beach and possible burial sites.