West Oahu Opportunity

The University of Hawaii West Oahu campus is moving closer to reality, with a projected August, 2009 opening.  Between 1,500 and 3,000 students should hopefully be in classes by Labor Day in 2009, and eventually, up to 7,500 students might attend this new Kapolei landmark.

One of the exciting factors here is that a public-private land arrangement should help the campus rise from the ground, as the Hunt Building Corporation will provide much of the money necessary for the first few buildings in exchange for the ability to take some of the adjacent land for its own business usage.   The proximity of this campus to leeward, central, and north shore Oahu residents will provide new opportunities for high school graduates, and will also provide some relief for wary students who have to drive or take the bus to the UH-Manoa campus.

As for UH-Manoa, there is a huge need for infrastructure retrofits and upgrades, and it is vital that any legislative funds given to West Oahu don't come at the expense of the Manoa campus in the coming years.  A West Oahu campus plus Manoa plus community colleges provides great opportunity for all, if done right and kept up as needed.  Here's to the vision and the funding that is necessary.  Think About It...