Buy Hawaii First

Years ago, KHNL ran a campaign encouraging local consumers to "Buy Hawaii First".  The premise was simple--when you make your choices on goods and products and when value, quality, and price are equal, why not support your neighbor, your friend, your local business.

That concept is still true today.  No, this is not xenophobia, or fear of outsiders.  It is simply an acknowledgement that when we buy from people or shops that grow or make their goods locally, we help our fellow residents and the local tax base.

When we stay on a neighbor island at a kama'aina establishment or attend a local entertainment venue, the money that we spend stays right here in Hawaii.  When we eat or shop at a local mom and pop establishment, it serves our State well.  When we buy local produce or other food products, it benefits the local farm community.  Again, it's gotta be the right time, the right place, the right price, etc., and there are times where the fit just isn't right for you.  But the bottom line is that when the bottom line on a purchase makes sense to you-- the buyer--then why not Buy Hawaii First.  Think About It...