Interview with Jim Nabors

(KHNL) - Jim Nabors stopped by the KHNL News 8 Today morning show to talk about his involvment in the American Liver Foundation.

Angela Keen:  The American Liver Foundation annual fundraising dinner and entertainment extravaganza called "Wok 'N' Roll 2" is this Saturday.  Jim Nabors will be the Honorary Event Chair, he joins us now to tell us more about the event.  You are a liver transplant recipient?

Jim Nabors:  Absolutely, that's the reason I'm so excited about this.

Angela:  You look so healthy; you're going so strong...

Jim:  It's 13 years for me now.

Angela:  I can't believe it's been that long.

Jim:  I had no idea that Hawaii has the largest incidence of liver cancer in America.

Angela:  Correct.

Jim:  And it's really something that people should pay attention to.

Angela:  How do you feel after all these years of getting that second chance at life?

Jim:  Very blessed, are you kidding? I'm part Mexican now.

Angela:  I know, I heard about that.   So it was a donor from Mexico and have you heard anything from the family or anyone?

Jim:  No, I'm not supposed to know about that.

Angela:  Okay.

Jim:  I found out accidentally (coughs) excuse me; it's still early (laughs). Good morning, Hawaii, aloha!

Angela:  You told me once, I think I remember you saying that you had a craving after your transplant right?

Jim:  Can't pass up on the tacos.

Angela:  That's great!

Jim:  This is a marvelous thing.  We're honoring Dr. Naoky Tsai.  He's the preeminent Gastroentorologist here.  It's really the reason why I got transferred from UCLA over here to Hawaii.  It's Dr. Tsai, we're honoring him this year.  He did such an amazing work and also we've got "The Krush" with Edwin Ramone.    The Krush is going to perform.  It's going to be a great evening and they have a silent auction and it's at the Dole Cannery Ballroom at 5:30 PM on the 24th.

Angela:  How important is it to raise money for something like this in Hawaii?

Jim:  Oh it's incredible.  It's very, very important because liver transplantation is a very tricky kind of thing and it takes a lot of money to make it happen.  Also, I encourage people to become donors and every time I see somebody riding their motorcycle without a helmet I said "oh you know a donor" and they get very angry.


Angela:  So the important thing is to also talk to your family about it and sign that little piece of paper when you go in for your driver's license.

Jim:  Yes, I've seen "Wok n Roll".   I was there last year and it was a lot of fun, I know you'll have a good time if you came.

Angela:  I wanted to talk to you a little more about all the things you have done in your lifetime.

Jim:  I had a really checkered career.  I had a hit situation comedy, I've done over 300 films, then I had a variety show and then I went and played Las Vegas; 35 years running and I've done 46 albums so I've earned my retirement.

Angela:  I know that you're such a wonderful singer, is there one song that is your favorite that you go to each time you...

Jim:  I was watching Hollywood Square once and one of the questions they asked was "which singer has more gold records than anybody but never had a hit" and I thought "I wonder who that is" and I was upset that I was the answer.

Angela:  Oh no (laughs)

Jim:  My first song was "The Impossible Dream" and so it's always been very special to me and I get asked to sing that more than any other songs.

Angela:  Carol Burnett considers you her lucky charm why is that?

Jim:  I was her first guest on her television show and then I was her guest every first show throughout her career so she's like my sister, we're very close and she's a marvelous lady.

Angela:  And your macadamia nut farm you have one on Maui.

Jim:  Yes, Hana, it's over in Hana.  It's still there and it's now owned by the National Tropical Botanical Garden.

Angela:  Oh great, but we want to remind folks why you're here for the "Wok 'n' Roll".

Jim:  Yes, it's the American Liver Foundation and please come out, we really need you and it'll be a fun evening

Angela:  Now if folks go, will they be able to get an autograph from you?

Jim:  Oh sure.

Angela:  Oh see what you can do?  That'll be great.  Jim, it's so wonderful that you got up so early and stopped in to say hello.

Jim:  Thanks, it was a pleasure being here.