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West Oahu Crime Suspect All Wet

Susie Halfhill Susie Halfhill
Officer George Martin Officer George Martin

By Paul Drewes

MAKAHA (KHNL) - A suspect in a West Oahu robbery ends up all wet and Honolulu police are left with a fishing tale of one that "didn't" get away. Its not too unusual of a sight. A man in the water off Waianae. But overhead, these usually doesn't accompany swimmers.

Beachgoer Susie Halfhill watched the action from the shore. "He kept swimming around and the helicopters kept circling thinking he'd get tired. "I thought at first it was a drill then it came over the radio that it was a man who robbed a store and was trying to evade police." For spectators on shore and whale watchers on nearby boats, the action unfolded in front of them as those on jet skis tried to talk the man into coming back to shore.

Police say a robbery happened nearby at the Makaha Shores, and the suspect was chased down to the beach. When they arrived, this man went into the water and stayed there for over an hour. Officer George Martin of HPD explains the strategy. "We were just trying to keep a visual on him until we got support units and then he just finally gave up."

Police then brought him in by boat, and put him under arrest. While police cannot say if this is the man responsible for the robbery at the Makaha Shores, they do have an answer as to why this criminal tried to slip away in the surf. "He does have 2 criminal warrants and he indicated that's why he ran: cause he didn't want to go to jail for his warrants," says Martin.

The Honolulu Fire Department and the Department of Land and Natural Resources also assisted police in capturing the criminal in the water.

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