Pet Owners Concerned Over Pet Food Recall

KAILUA (KHNL) - Did a Kailua pet die after eating tainted dog food? That's what a local family and their attorney are trying to figure out tonight.

Mainland investigators are trying to figure out what may have caused a countless number of dogs and cats across the country to get sick.

Twinkles the family's beagle died Sunday after they say recently eating cans of Iams dog food. They did some research and found their dog food is on the recall list of dangerous dog food.

According to his owners, Twinkles was a smart, spry beagle

"He was special. He was important to us because he'd protect us from strangers when we were home," says Bailey Sylvester, dog owner.

Twikles became seriously ill last Sunday and died.

"I feel circumstantial evidence strong healthy all of a sudden on Sunday strange symptoms wouldn't eat or drink," says Emily Gardner, attorney.

The family is working with a local attorney who specializes in animal cases

"She saw the article in the newspaper sure enough they match with product code," says Gardner.

They showed us a can and say the code matches those in the product recall.

The Sylvester family says nothing will bring Twinkels back but they don't want another family to experience their loss.

Bailey has this advice for dog food manufacturers: "I'd probably tell him to stop making it, and if I'd see it in stores -- if I were an adult -- sue him for making such a bad product to kill the wasn't on purpose."

Menu Foods is the name of the manufacturer based in Canada. They say while the number of complaints has been relatively small, they are issuing the recall because the health and well-being of pets is paramount.