Oahu Head Start's Fatherhood Fair

KALIHI - (KHNL) It's no big secret. The greater "the parental involvement" -- the greater "the odds" of a child's success. "Oahu Head Start" hosted its 2nd annual, "Fatherhood Fair", in Kalihi on Friday. KHNL news 8's Mary Simms has more on what head start is doing to get fathers more involved in their program.

Dads and daughters, dads and sons, even grandpas, hanging out with the kids. More than 2,000 in all.

"It makes me feel good to be able to provide the opportunity for dads and children to have fun together," said Keone Kamauohaloahu, a Family Advocate for Head Start.

Today, Head Start pre- school classes were held in the park, with bubbles, bouncing, and lots of laughs. The program is free for families that qualify.

"Money is really a factor, and its really helpful. Any part of free is good," said Rocky Agcaloon Jr, a father at the event.

Rocky says the pre-school program has really helped his daughter, Micaylah.

"It's a very good head start for children, getting them off on the right foot"

Two years ago, only 10-percent of dads were involved with program activities. Now, thanks to events like this, more than half of them are.

I asked Louie, a granddad at the event, how it felt to be such a big part in his grandson's life.

"You're going to make me cry Mary, if I answer you honestly, it feels wonderful. I'm glad I'm here."

And the kids are glad too.

Oahu head start is currently accepting applications for the upcoming school year.