New Medical Facility for Children in Ewa Beach

Paul Bursey
Paul Bursey

EWA BEACH (KHNL) -A new health care facility for medically fragile kids opened today in Ewa Beach. It's called: "Kulana Malama," which means, "a center for caring."

Walk into Kulana Malama and you might think you're at an amusement park. An enchanted forest is the theme for this health care facility for children with special needs.

"We aimed to get away from sterile environment of the hospital setting, the idea was to make it bright and cheerful to distract the children from their own discomfort. said Paul C. Bursey of Kulana Malama

Health providers say there is a growing need in Hawaii to take care of children with certain medical conditions.

"We will have children who will be dependent on ventilators, we'll have children with complex feeding challenges, we're gong to have children who have a specific need for significant physical rehab."

Kulana Malama is the first nursing facility in the pacific basin designed to provide skilled care exclusively for medically fragile children in a residential setting.

"We intend to evaluate community needs over the next couple of years with the intention to expand the facilities, the opportunities and the resources here on Kulana Malama campus."

Murphy Mahu-iki-maka is the first patient at Kulana Malama, and so far, he likes what he sees in this new facility.