U.S. Navy Unveils New Training Simulator

Rear Admiral T.G. Alexander
Rear Admiral T.G. Alexander

PEARL HABOR (KHNL) - The U.S. Navy unveils their new simulator marking a huge milestone. The Navy is using it to train it's seamen in ship handling and navigation.

It might look like a fun virtual video game, but this new navy training simulator is not for entertainment.

"It is very serious because operating ships at sea and at close proximity to land does require a great deal of skills," said Hawaii Naval Commander Rear Admiral T.G. Alexander.

The million dollar project features a visual real-life environment including time of day, wind, and ocean conditions.

'I've been around simulators all my life and the realism that we have in today's technology is really tremendous in terms of what it provides from a training perspective."

For the U.S. Navy, the simulator is a significant step forward in making training more realistic, cost effective and convenient for seamen looking to hone their skills in navigation and ship handling.

"It doesn't require that they go either get under way which is expensive, to get a ship underway nor does it require that the crews have to go to a different location, there by spending more time a way from their family."

Pearl Harbor is one of seven sites in the United States and Japan with this type of simulator.  The U.S. Navy hopes to have 100 of them by the end of 2013.  The simulator also has an assessment system which allows instructors to monitor the progress and performance of their students.