Pearlridge Area Residents Say Marked Crosswalks Aren't Enough

Cameron Heide
Cameron Heide

PEARLRIDGE (KHNL) - Many people across Oahu are still concerned about pedestrian safety. Near the Pearlridge Mall, shoppers say even marked crosswalks aren't enough to ensure they won't be hurt by cars.

There are marked crosswalks at major intersections near the mall, but folks there say the combination of heavy car and foot traffic make the area a recipe for disaster.

A marked crosswalk on Kaonohi Street allows pedestrians to go back and forth from the mall, but there are no traffic lights protecting them. And some say, since the street is on an incline, it's sometimes difficult for cars to stop for pedestrians.

"It's really dangerous because pedestrians are trying to get across from that side of the mall to this side," said Kamaile Heide, an Aiea resident. "It curves around and a lot of times, cars don't see them."

"The biggest thing is slow down and pay attention to your surroundings," said Cameron Heide, also an Aiea resident. "As far as the lights, just make the crosswalk lights longer."

With increased focus on pedestrian safety, residents hope more can be done to increase awareness and improve pedestrian visibility. Some suggest incorporating lighted crosswalks to make it safer to cross the street.

The Honolulu Police Department recently stepped up its efforts targeting drivers and pedestrians who violate crosswalk laws. After one of the deadliest years on oahu roads, police hope for a decrease in pedestrian-related deaths.