Toddler Shows Up with Suspicious Injuries at Hospital

KALIHI (KHNL) - Some Kalihi residents are stunned after learning about a possible case of child abuse in their neighborhood. A little girl showed up at the hospital with a number of suspicious injuries Tuesday.

The girl is just three years old. Sources say she has a swollen face, bruises, burns and even bite marks.

Police investigating the case say they went to one of the units in a multi-unit home on Fernandez Street in Kalihi, after a woman brought her toddler to Kapiolani Medical Center with "unexplained" injuries.

Neighbors say they're saddened by the news.

"I don't think they deserve to have a kid in this Earth because, you know, God give to us the kids for us to raise and to love and to care, not to lay hands on it," Sulia Liua, neighbor, said.

The case is classified as a first-degree assault. No one's been arrested.

Police identified a 20-year-old man as a possible suspect. It's unclear what his relationship to the girl is.