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Kaloko Dam Failure: One Year Later

Bruce Fehring Bruce Fehring
Aurora Fehring, Rowan Dingwall and Alan Dingwall Aurora Fehring, Rowan Dingwall and Alan Dingwall

by Walter Makaula

KAUAI (KHNL) - It's an anniversary that haunts Bruce Fehring, and his wife Cynthia. On March 14th 2006, the Kaloko dam bursts. More than three hundred million gallons of water is released, wiping out everything in its path. Seven people are swept away. Among the missing, the couple's daughter Aurora, their son in law Alan, and grandson, Rowan.

Bruce Fehring says, "The only reason that my wife and myself, and my two sons survived is that we were not here."

But his neighbor was, and the phone call he got from her, shattered his world.

She told him, "The bottom of your property is virtually swept clean. There's nothing there, no house, no trees, and at that moment I thought to myself, well, that's where everybody who was living on the property, was at."

On the highway above, bundles of tropical flowers and plants are mounted to the guard rail in memory of those who were "ripped" from their homes, and the hearts of their loved ones.

Fehring says, "When you lose your child, you lose something that you thought you were going to have for the rest of your life. " But he says, "It'll pass fully, when I leave this world to join them to see them again. That's when it will pass fully."

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