Kaloko Dam Breach Raises Concerns About Dams on Oahu

NUUANU (KHNL) - People who live in Nuuanu say the Kaloko Dam breach raised some concerns, but overall, they do feel safe.

Jimmy Miyasato has lived near the Nuuanu reservoir for 65 years and the thought of a dam breach he said, "Never crossed my mind".

He said "There's no reason to worry".

Miyasato said, "I know we have some dams up here, but we seem to be doing alright."

His neighbor, Wayne Rhoden, says the Kaloko Dam breach raised his level of concern. " But I never really gave it much thought, due to the fact that nothing has really happened here" said Rhoden.

The Nuuanu Dam is classified as high-hazard, which means a breach could result in more than a few deaths.

If the unthinkable happens, there is an evacuation route for people to use, but many residents don't know about it.

The Nuuanu Dam is 66 feet high. It's water level now, is 30 feet. The Board of Water Supply keeps it low, to help prevent a tragedy.