You Have Mail

It's an interesting sociological phenomenon to watch people in public in Hawaii and elsewhere nowadays. People come out of a movie, where cell phones are theoretically forbidden, and immediately check their phones- for what, to see if the president needed them during the last two-hours? People sitting at red lights or at their kids' soccer games fumble with their hand-held computers to make sure they haven't missed anything- but every 10-minutes?

Believe it or not, we used to actually be able to carry on our personal lives and our business deals without having to be in touch every five-minutes. We used to be thankful when the fax machine or phone answering machine allowed us to get information. Are we so plugged in now that we suffer from information overload, perhaps forgetting what really matters? Do we ever focus anymore? Do we really need to be connected all of the time? Everywhere we go?

Do we really need to get bodily trembles when our cell phone battery dies or the wireless web simply won't pop up? I think not, but it's the reality we've chosen to accept as part of our existence. Is that good? That's your call, but you can text me, e-mail me, call me, page me, fax me, write me, or just quietly Think About It...