DOE Warns of Possible ID Theft After School Deposits Stolen

Kaleo Cambra
Kaleo Cambra

HONOLULU (KHNL) - You protect your mail and store your personal checks properly. You do everything right. But you're still at risk for identity theft, as many Oahu parents are learning.

Kaleo Cambra is picking his daughters up from Mililani Mauka Elementary. He writes checks to the school for various reasons.

"Their lunch, A-Plus, field trips, you know, books, stuff like that," he said.

Now comes word that an armored car carrying bank deposit bags from 18 Oahu public schools is broken into. Mililani Mauka is one of the schools affected.

"It's pretty shocking to hear that a lot of personal information on it could be used for other people's gains," Cambra said.

The Department of Education says a driver for Security Armored Car was taking a break at McDonald's in Haleiwa, when someone broke into the vehicle and stole about $25,000 in cash and checks.

"It is a big concern," Beatrice Furukawa, grandparent of a Mililani Mauka student, said.

Furukawa is disappointed, considering how careful she is with her personal information.

"Even our mail, we don't leave it in the mailbox," she said. "We take it down to the post office."

The DOE says the schools are notifying the affected people and are urging them to review their financial statements for any unusual transactions. Even though Cambra hasn't been notified, he plans to check his statements.

"I will, in about five minutes from now," he said nervously.

The DOE says the people affected should also place a fraud alert on their credit reports. A list of the 18 schools involved is on our website.