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Travel Expert Brian Berusch: Lanai and Molokai

Lana'i Lana'i
Moloka'i Moloka'i
Moloka'i Moloka'i
Brian Berusch Brian Berusch

(KHNL) - Every Tuesday,  expert Brian Berusch takes us around the islands and around the world with exclusive insider tips, trends and travel deals. Brian Berusch is the editor of the popular travel website, B On Hawaii.

Angela Keen: "Speaking of Hawaii, it's taken awhile for those flight deals to sink in with everybody. Folks are saying it is still kind of expensive. How can we get around on the cheap going to a neighbor island?"

Brian Berusch: "There are some really affordable options. I think when people look at, they were a little shocked when these fares came out, and now you have the smaller airlines like Pacific Wings and Mokulele Airlines have announced these $29 fares weach way. When you think about the facty that for under $75 a person could fly inter-island, it really opens up the spectrum to spending the night at a modest hotel or even camping. I think it would be appropriate for this first segment to talk about some the places in Hawaii that people might not have thought to go or haven't been to in awhile. There are some really affordable options.

"This first is Lana'i. Everyone thinks of Lana'i as sort of Four Seasons, the hotels are a beautiful product, it's an amazing hotel stay. But not everyone is up for shelling out that kind of money for just a weekend stay. So if you think about leaving Honolulu or even Maui and packing a cooler, flying inter-island and you could end up on Palehua Beach or Lopa Beach, two beautiful beaches on Lana'i. It's pretty much guaranteed you are not going to see anybody else the whole time you are there, similar to Bellows Beach here on Oahu. They have some really gorgeous Cooke pine and Norfolk pine-lined sand beaches, perfect for camping.

"So if people fly over for a day, maybe rent a car, go camp, and then you might have a little money left over to spend the night at the Hotel Lana'i, which is the only other hotel other than the Four Seasons on the island. The owner runs a restaurant there called Clay Henry's, which is an absolutely fantastic dining experience. In town, there are some really wonderful eating options. There is Blue Ginger's Café for brunch, there is a new place that opened called Pele's Other Garden, a sandwich shop. Just last week I was over there and a brand-new home-made ice cream shop opened up. So, really exciting stuff over on Lana'i."

Angela: "That's one of my favorite spots. That and Moloka'i of course."

Brian: "Moloka'i, another really great place to go. Also, Pacific Wings is flying $29 each way to Moloka'i. A couple could fly over to Moloka'i for $150 both round trip, that is very affordable. And Moloka'i has some absolutely gorgeous beaches, pristine beaches with some of the best offshore fishing. There are the sea cliffs which are world renowned, the mule ride (which I know you are a big fan of!)..."

Angela: "Yes, I love the hike down on foot, too..."

Brian: "It is just so beautiful. Moloka'i is very untouched, the first time I was there in 1999, someone said to me ‘This is the most Hawaiian isle'. And you get there and it feels very Hawaiian. It is just so beautiful. Again there are a couple options. There is the camping, which is very affordable. And there is also the ranch, which is a really fantastic stay option. It's gone through some ownership changes, prices have come down a little. The lodge has 22 nicely appointed rooms. And 65,000 acres later, down by the beach is the tentalow beach village. The first time I saw it, I said this is the perfect place for a family reunion, wedding, destination wedding... just a really nice place to stay."

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