Five-O DVD Set Selling Well

Jon Murakami
Jon Murakami
Joyce Barrett
Joyce Barrett

HONOLULU (KHNL) - For twelve years, TV fans watched the detectives of "hawaii Five-0" fight crime. Now a new DVD set has renewed interest in the series.

"I remember the opening scenes real well and I also remember the local people they used to have in it," said Pete Barrett of Kaneohe.

"Hawaii Five-0's" first season is one of the hottest selling DVD sets around.

"As soon as they came in, they flew right out," said Jon Murakami of the Borders at Ward Center. "We just got a new batch in. And I heard nationwide they're selling really fast."

Fans of the series will see all their old favorites. "Five-0" ran for twelve years, at one time setting a record for police dramas.

"I think because it had such a local flavor," Barrett said. "And people watch it, I still watch it for the background."

"It was just a good show because good always won in the end," said Joyce Barrett of Kaneohe."People were nicer. It's a nice show."

Fans say five-0 gave the audience a feel for life in hawaii.

"I think it's definitely number one," Joyce Barrett said. "In all the ones that were done here, of definitely number one."