Anti Graffiti Volunteers Clean Up Moiliili

MOILIILI (KHNL) - Some graffiti tag teams were hard at work in Moiliili and Mc Cully today. These people sprayed the walls- but it wasn't what you think. These aren't your usual tag teams. They were cleaning up the work of vandals.

Student volunteer Joyce Lum remarks, "There's a lot of graffiti, especially on the playground where little kids play."

Lum was one of about 100 concerned citizens and police officers who volunteered their Saturday to spruce up their town. Cicilia Reyes was another. "Our point here is to clean up the graffiti and trash, and just make things nicer for everyone in the community."

Even police officers got in on the action. Officer Patricia Doronila of the Honolulu Police Department explains why she did it. "We don't just do the patrol work, we want to get out and jump into the community because we live here, too."

They have a message for the vandals. Officer Doronila warns, "Beware because there are going to be bills and laws passed, and if you don't start trying to not do this, you might get punished more severely."

Student volunteer Jeremy Shin puts out a different plea. "Please stop. People have to clean this up so, and it's hard work."