Financial Records Dumped

Jim Kelly
Jim Kelly

WAIKIKI (KHNL)- As a journalist, Pacific Business News editor Jim Kelly knows a story can be found anywhere. However, he never expected to find one Sunday when he took his newspapers to a recycling bin.

"I saw all of these bankers boxes inside the bin. And there were manila files spilled everywhere."

Kelly discovered more than 30 boxes of financial records, all from a defunct escrow company.

The state Office of Consumer Protection is now investigating the case.

"Social security numbers, bank account numbers, credit reports, credit card statements, you name it, everything was in there," Kelly said.

The owner of the escrow company, Stephen Marn of Hawaii Kai, told us he held on to the documents for six years believing that was enough to satisfy any legal requirements.

"He hired a handyman, he tossed them in a recycling bin and neither one of them thought there was anything wrong with that," Kelly said.

Marn said he was not aware of a new state law requiring businesses to properly dispose of financial documents.

"It's kind of amazing in this day and age given how sensitive people are about asking for you social security number, about putting it on paper that this sort of stuff would end up getting tossed away so carelessly," Kelly said.