Police: Construction Crew Unearths Human Remains, Continues Working

Michael Nakada
Michael Nakada
Peter Young
Peter Young

KAHALA (KHNL) - An Oahu contractor is under investigation, as construction workers uncover human remains at a Kahala job site. Sources say the contractor initially kept the discovery a secret and continued working.

Crime scene tape and police officers. An unusual sight in this posh neighborhood.

"We wondered why there were so many police," Susie Hubbard, former Kahala resident, said.

Hawaii visitors Susie Hubbard and Laurie Dye watch, as investigators comb a Kahala Avenue home under construction. "Chopper 8" gives us a great view of the backyard, where officers find a leg bone, a pelvic bone and several smaller bones.

"We received a call earlier (Friday) morning about some skeletal remains at a construction site," Sgt. Michael Nakada, Honolulu Police Department, said.

Sources say crews unearthed the remains as early as last month, but decided to rebury them and continue working. The state Department of Land and Natural Resources is now investigating whether the contractor followed proper procedures.

"They would stop work. They would establish the extent of the burial site. They would set up a buffer, and they would notify us," Peter Young, DLNR director, said.

Red markers show the remains aren't together, but scattered.

"There's obviously a concern in sensitivity to make sure that we deal with them appropriately and respectfully," Young said.

He says failure for the contractor to do so could lead to criminal charges.

A military team arrives at the scene. The investigators will try to determine whether the remains are ancient, or were buried more recently.

"It's not something you expect on Kahala Avenue," Laurie Dye, former Kahala resident, said.

We tried unsuccessfully to reach the contractor, Steve Howes, for comment.