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College Program Gives High School Students Head Start in Construction

Travis Uyeno Travis Uyeno
James Pirtle James Pirtle
Chris Kuahine Chris Kuahine

by Roger Mari

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Honolulu Community College has been working with the Department of Education by offering a course called Construction Academy.

It's for high school students interested in pursuing a career in the construction industry. Through the Construction Academy program, students at Pearl City high school get hands-on experience in the construction industry by building a guard shack on campus.

'The work is hard until you learn how to do it and you get your techniques down, it's pretty much easy," said student Travis Uyeno

Along with learning a new trade, comes lessons in life.

"It teaches you to be a man, it teaches you responsibility and it teaches you how to work for yourself, even if you don't do a good job, as long as you try, that's all that matters," said James Pirtle.

The students know it's a privilege to be in program which builds self esteem and a sense of pride.

"If you get HCC accreditation and college credit, you know that shows something of yourself, it shows something of your high school, have pride in yourself have pride in your high school and have pride in your work."

The construction program aims to give those interested in pursuing a job in construction a head start.

"When they do decide to make a career move in the industrial field they would have a better aspect of how you have to work and what you responsibilities are," said HCC instructor Chris Kuahine.

Over the next several years, projections indicate that Hawaii will need thousands of construction workers to meet industry demands.

The students will take off for spring break. When they return, adding a roof will be the final step in finishing the project.

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