Police Look to PSAs as Pedestrian Crashes Continue

HONOLULU (KHNL) - They're passing out citations. Soon, they'll hit the airwaves. Honolulu police are putting together a series of public service announcements, including one specifically addressing pedestrian safety.

It's baffling how many pedestrian crashes we're seeing this year. Ten pedestrians are dead. That's already half of last year's total.

An elderly man is fighting for his life following the latest collision. It happened on Nahele Street in the Newtown subdivision in Aiea at about seven Wednesday night.

The pick-up that's involved now sits in the owner's driveway. The 60-year-old man who was behind the wheel didn't want to go on camera, saying, "I'm just really hurting right now. I feel for the guy. I haven't slept."

Police say 63-year-old Charles Lee parked his vehicle on one side of Nahele Street and was walking to the other side, when the truck plowed into him. There's no crosswalk in the area.

The collision happened right outside Ernest Hanaumi's home.

"I heard the doom," he said. "I thought somebody, they were getting, moving around the trash bin. So I came running out and, oh, somebody's right in the middle of the street. The guy's eyes were open and he was kind of bloody."

The pedestrian was last reported to be in critical condition. Investigators say speed, alcohol and drugs are not factors in this crash.

Since Sunday, officers have issued more than 250 citations to pedestrians and drivers. The new safety PSAs will run as soon as the editing is completed.