Random Acts of Kindness: Librarians Most Helpful People

Hillary Chang
Hillary Chang

HONOLULU (KHNL) - The public library is so much more of a place than where you can find a good book and the people who work there couldn't agree more.

One would think that in this world of laptops and Ipods, public buildings filled with paper-bound books would fade away into history. That couldn't be farther from the truth.

"A lot of people do use the public resource because we¹re free. All you need is your card. It¹s one of the best cards to have," said librarian Hillary Chang.

In fact, as folks pinch their pennies, libraries are enjoying a renewed popularity. Hawaii is in the 21st century, and its public library system, is right there with it. Computers and specifically the internet keep the library relevant.

"What¹s great about our public library system in Hawaii is we¹re statewide. So, even if we hear McCully-Moiliili don¹t have the book and Hilo had the book, we could get that for you from Hilo."

On this day, the library opens at 10 o'clock sharp.  Folks line up, just to get in.

Chang says it's the people, not just the books, CDs and DVDs that make her job worth it.

"You¹ll never be rich being a librarian, but you¹ll absolutely love your job.  If that¹s the cost, then that¹s acceptable because I love my job.  My co-workers, you can tell, they enjoy helping people find what they need."

Like the comfort of a good book.