Small Waves Not Necessarily Bad For Businesses

L.G. Shaw
L.G. Shaw
Philippe Mettoug
Philippe Mettoug

HALEIWA (KHNL) - Ask any surfer on the North Shore, and they'll tell you the waves this winter, was a wipe out, but that was not the case for businesses in Haleiwa.

Big surf and big crowds on the North Shore don't always add up to big profits for some surf shops in Haleiwa.

"They're so frustrated with the traffic that I think a lot of times they blow off some of their shopping in favor of waiting in traffic and waiting to go see the surf," said Wave Riding Vehicles manager L.G. Shaw.

For surf shop owners, the best days for business are when the waves are less life threatening.

"Business was a little better especially for the rentals and the sales of smaller boards and long boards because most of the time tourists like smaller waves," said surf shop owner Philippe Mettoug.

And by the time the sun goes down on those big days it's time to close up which means lost revenue for surf shops but more profitable for other businesses.

"Most of Haleiwa the hours are from 10 to 6 that's when most people are at the beach enjoying the day and maybe watching the sunset.  You have your restaurants open til 9 to 10 so they blow off leaving and they hang out and have dinner then head back to town when traffic subsides," said Shaw.

Shaw is satisfied with the way the season is going.

"We still managed to do alright there's still people coming out and enjoying the weather."

There are still a few weeks left to catch some surf but the big wave season is over.

Shop owners are hoping the influx of tourists will increase during the summer even when the waves are small.