Leeward Fire Reveals Illegal Dumping

Alex Souza
Alex Souza

MAKAHA (KHNL) - A brush fire that burned more than 300 acres of vacant land in Makaha revealed extensive illegal dumping in the area.

Dirt roads leading into Waianae Valley are littered with illegal dumping sites. News8 found an abandoned burned out car around one corner. Piles of old tires and car parts can be found just off the path. Everywhere you look, more and more stacks of trash.

News8 found a city convenience center less than a half-mile away from the dump site. Anyone can take their bulky items there for disposal.

"Well it's the only way to do it," said Waianae resident Alex Souza. "You just can't dump it anywhere, right?"

Residents we spoke with say they make regular use of the drop off point and they don't understand why others don't.

"Well right now we're moving, moving out," Souza said. "So i'll be doing that a lot. They allow two times a day so i'll be doing like that all week this week."

This latest fire in the valley burned hundreds of acre and revealed the dirt beneath the brush.