Police Don't Let Up on Day 4 of Pedestrian Safety Campaign

Lisa Yamura
Lisa Yamura

HONOLULU (KHNL) - It's not just jaywalkers feeling the pinch. Many Oahu drivers are receiving traffic citations under the Honolulu Police Department's new pedestrian safety campaign.

It's hard enough for grownups to cross the street.

"Okay, let's go to the crosswalk," Lisa Yamura, preschool teacher, said.

Try getting five preschoolers to the other side of a busy roadway.

"Let's make sure all the cars stop first," Yamura told her students.

For teacher Lisa Yamura, it's never too early for a lesson on pedestrian safety.

"We teach them, if it's zebra lines or chopstick lines, to be either on the zebra lines or between the chopstick lines," she said.

But some drivers are flunking the class.

"There are a lot of drivers that aren't safe," Yamura said.

"I need to see some ID," a police officer told a driver.

We're there, as an officer pulls a driver over for failing to yield to a pedestrian. With 10 pedestrian deaths in 10 weeks on Oahu, police are everywhere. But not everyone's thrilled.

"Is there a commission you make out of it?" a jaywalker asked an officer.

"I don't make any commission," the officer replied.

"Because it seems to me like it's a real easy source of revenue for the city," the pedestrian said.

A short distance away, 54-year-old Paul Amaral winds up in handcuffs, after officers stop him for jaywalking. It turns out he's wanted for a probation violation and three traffic warrants.

"Every man for himself," a woman about to receive a jaywalking ticket said.

Although she may feel that way, our preschool teacher disagrees.

"It's a 50-50," Yamura said. "Everyone needs to work together to be safe."

Here are the latest numbers. Police say in the first three days of the campaign, they issued about 200 citations and about 180 warnings to pedestrians and drivers.