Hawaii Lawmakers Take a Stand for Duane Dog Chapman

Rep. Gene Ward
Rep. Gene Ward

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Some Hawaii lawmakers took a stand for "Dog" Duane Chapman today. Chapman, star of reality TV show, "Dog the Bounty Hunter,"

Is facing extradition to Mexico for charges that stem from his 2003 arrest and capture of convicted rapist Andrew Luster.

"These men should be commended for their heroism," they should not be being persecuted in a count of law in America," said Beth Chapman.

Representative Gene Ward introduced House Resolution 50 after receiving more than 1,000 letters, 98-percent in support of the Chapman's.

"This is the people's house. It's what I call the "marketplace of ideas." If people don't think its worth supporting "Dog," show up and say that. If you want him to be supported, come and say that also," said Rep. Gene Ward, House of Representatives.

"I'm sure if you were to ask everybody, you'd see the majority of the people will be in their favor, not in favor of the criminal," said Michelle Fisher, who showed up to offer testimony in support of the Chapman's.

More than 80 people showed up at the hearing, to exercise their "voice." Most offered support, but one man called the whole thing "silly."

"If this happened to another bail enforcement agent, would we be having a hearing? I guess that is the question, said Bret Pruett.

Because Hawaii is taking a stand for him, Chapman says he knows this is home.

"When I buried my mother here, I felt that since she's in the aina, it is. This is the second time I know for sure it is, when the people stand up and say 'Dog, you did a good thing.'"

The committee unanimously voted in favor of the resolution. Before forwarding the resolution to the Mexican Government, the House Judiciary Committee will also hear testimony and vote on the resolution.