Police, Motorcycle Community Respond To Daring Display Of Speed

Sue Radell
Sue Radell
Mark Hoppis
Mark Hoppis
Lieutenant John Vines
Lieutenant John Vines

KAILUA (KHNL) - The Honolulu Police Department responds to a "YouTube" video and warns a speed demon to slow down.

That motorcycle rider is catching more than just the attention the motorcycle community. With speeds topping a hundred miles an hour, police say it creates a dangerous situation for anyone on the road.

It may have started as a rush for a thrill-seeking rider, but the police and even the military are looking into who he is. And riders say they don't like it because things like this put all bikers in a bad light.

It looks like a scene from a movie or a video game, but it's real. A motorcycle going well above a hundred miles an hour on the H-3. The rider filmed himself and put it on "YouTube" for the world to see. Local motorcycle riders are outraged.

"A person that does that is not thinking," said Sue Radell, a long-time motorcycle rider who lives in Kaneohe.

"It's insane," said Mark Hoppis, a rider and a Kailua resident. "It's not right. It gives every biker a bad name."

Police say behavior like that puts everybody at risk.

"Very dangerous driving," said Lt. John Vines of the Honolulu Police Department. "Motorcycle traveling at a high rate of speed. He endangered himself. He endangered traffic."

Continuing this type of behavior will lead to only one outcome.

"He will die and may kill somebody else in the process," said Lt. Vines.

Bikers say dangerous riding defeats the purpose of why they do it.

"Ride to live," said Radell. "Ride so you can ride again. There's really nothing to prove to yourself or anyone."

A message from one rider to another.

On his website, the speeding motorcycle rider indicates he spent time in Iraq. Marine Corps Base Hawaii says it will investigate to see if one of its marines is involved.