Family Grieves Grandmother's Death

WAIANAE (KHNL) - Family members continue to mourn Tapu Neddermeyer, who was killed Monday while trying to walk across Farrington Highway in Waianae.

She is the tenth pedestrian to die on Oahu this year.

Her grandchildren visited the site of the accident to pay their respects.

"Hardworking, loving, giving, help me out," said Klint Sionesini, grandson.

"You'd wake up in the morning and guarantee you'd have food, breakfast lunch and dinner, guarantee waiting for you," said Will Sionesini, grandson.

Family members saw her earlier that day, at a birthday party.

The 80-year-old crossed Farrington Highway to get to Waianae Market. Police say a car in the near lane stopped for her, but the driver in another lane didn't see her.

"People just drive crazy. Even if you driving good, the person in the back of you, pushing you for go on and stuff," said Sionesini.

The Makaha resident walked in a crosswalk that didn't have a traffic light.

Transportation officials say the nearest traffic signal is located just 300 feet away from the crosswalk. A total of four traffic lights sit on a third-mile stretch of the highway where she died.

"Traffic light would help, but people would help more too," said Sionesini.

Her grandsons remind people to watch out for pedestrians, especially the elderly. They say people drive way too fast in Waianae. They ask drivers to slow down and pay attention to the roads.